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and former united states defense secretaries and the secretary of the army and air force. they claim the high ranking officials knew about at assault problem in the military and didn't do enough to prosecute the attackers or stop revenge. him all endured strikingly similar patterns of revenge and harassment for having reported. >> the treatment of rape victims in the military is so humiliating many would rather die. >> reporter: an estimates it's thousand sexual assaults but only 3200 cases were reported and less than 800 prosecuted. that's why a congresswoman is pushing the stop act. it would pull prosecution out of the military chain of command and into independent panel. >> they will get a fair revalue. they won't have the conflict of interest overlay that happens with many of these cases. >> reporter: now the stop act remains in committee so for now the handling of military sexual saw assault cases remains in house. live in alameda. >> and we have posted a topee of the lawsuit on the website. you can read the charges for yourself. just look for the court document. >> today angry paren
receiver darrius heyward-bey drilled up high by the steelers defensive backfield yesterday. body limp as he lay motionless for several minutes. you couldn't help fear. but happy to report he was released from the hospital today after spending the night for observation. he is resting at home and should make a full recovery. >> sounded tired. yeah. sounded tired. but he is doing okay. he was in good spirits. doing fine. >> tough, violent, physical game. you never want to see your teammate or even the opposing team get carted off. unfortunate thing that goes long with the game. i think as players we understand that. >> glad to hear he is doing better. vote for this week's high school game of the week. www.ktvu.com is the place. six match-ups to choose from. if you see your school up there, get on it. we will feature your game saturday night and the giants clinched saturday, they are off today before they host arizona later this week. that is the sporting life for monday evening. >> all right. thank you. >> ktvu viewers are celebrating the giants division win. she sent us this photo of two very
that drove giselle esteban to plan michelle le's murder. the defense argues it was a crime of passion. michelle le's family was at the courthouse today and their focus is the same. >> we are here for michelle. trying to be strong for her. >> investigators say giselle esteban killed michelle le in a garage in may of last year. >>> today police said they have determined that a shooting on the freeway yesterday was a targeted shooting. this red car was fired at after 3:30 p.m. while driving on highway 101. the three people inside the car were injured but are recovering. the incident snarled traffic for hours. now police say it was not a random shooting but they are still trying to determine the motive. >>> police say a teacher accused of having a relationship with a former student was found dead this morning. james izumizaki was arrested last week but charges were never filed. the death is now being investigated as a suicide. the body was found this morning inside his car. james izumizaki had worked at albany middle school since 2008. officials say counselors will be on campus. >>> it is
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3